Labor & Delivery Care Near Kendall, FL

Delivery Options With South Florida Women’s Care

Our labor and delivery care takes place at Baptist Hospital.  Please know that we are a group practice and unless you have a scheduled C-section or induction, the doctor on call will deliver your baby.  We only deliver at Baptist Hospital.

Emergencies receive priority, regardless of day or time. If you are having heavy vaginal bleeding, leakage of fluid or you are not feeling your baby move, please call the office immediately.  Depending of the time of the day or the nature of your emergency we may ask you to come to be examined or to go to OB Triage 2nd floor at Baptist hospital.

After office hours, and for emergencies only, please call the office’s main line at (305) 661-7766.  You may leave a detailed message with the nature of your emergency and a phone number where we can reach you.  Please make sure you are able to receive calls from blocked numbers.

Also, Please make sure to register at Baptist Hospital not later than 30 weeks.

Labor Instructions

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