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As part of our COVID-19 crisis response our office is now offering Telemedicine Services.


Please be aware you must have an appointment scheduled to access this feature.  To do so call 305-661-7766 and schedule your appointment today.


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We offer Obstetrical Care, Gynecology Services

and Robotic Surgery


Located in Miami, Florida, our team at South Florida Women’s Care is continually striving to provide women the best of care. We offer a wide range of of obstetrical and gynecological services.  We want to help you achieve an optimal level of health and guide you maintaining it.  Whether you require routine gynecological examinations, diagnostic testing for any abnormal symptoms, or a comprehensive prenatal care plan, our trained and experienced providers are here for you.  Several of our OBGYN doctors also specialize in minimally invasive surgical procedures, often used to treat conditions like uterine fibroids, endometriosis, pelvic organ prolapse, and more! 

To learn more about our services, or to schedule a consultation with one of our providers, please call our office today at (305) 661-7766! You may also request an appointment online using our secure form.


Patient’s needs may not always be predictable or routine. We make every effort to accommodate urgent appointments as quickly as possible. Our OBGYN’s are available for such emergencies during evenings and weekends.


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COVID-19 Update

Beginning June 15, 2020, our office will resume our full-time schedule of Monday-Thursday: 9AM-5PM (closed for lunch from 1-2PM) and Friday: 9AM-1PM.

We kindly ask all of our patients coming into our practice to please take into account the following;

If our practice temporarily closes for thorough sanitation or to limit the spread of disease, we will make every attempt to contact you in advance of your planned visit and will call you to reschedule upon our return.

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