Prenatal Care & Testing

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No drug can be considered 100% safe during pregnancy.  Here you will find a list of over the counter (OTC) medications that are considered safe for you to use.  Please always ask your doctor about any medications you are about to take.  Your situation and possible complications may be different.  If you are on any medications or would like to take a medication not on this list, check with your doctor to make sure it is safe.  Do not take more than the recommended doses and, if possible, avoid taking anything during the first trimester, when the baby is most vulnerable.Below you will find helpful links with information about medications and pregnancy

Medications during Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Exercise During Pregnancy

It is best to have an exercise routine in place before getting pregnant.  All individuals, including pregnant women, without a contraindication should exercise 30 minutes daily for at least five days of the week.

Common Discomforts of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Calendar of Events

Prenatal Classes

Call the office at (305) 661-7766 to enroll, payment is credit card only.
You can enroll/pay in person at the office or call and enroll/pay by phone via credit card.
Fee is $225.00