Postpartum Depression

The Difference Between The Baby Blues & Postpartum Depression

Motherhood is an exciting experience.  However, the period following the birth of a baby brings significant changes and adjustments that at times can be intense and overwhelming.

“Baby Blues”.  These are normal responses to the feelings of increased responsibility, and to all the changes and adjustments that take place around a newborn.  These feelings may include sadness, anxiety, fear, guilt, loneliness, frustration or anger.  In general, it is normal for you to experience these symptoms within two to three days of delivery; they usually peak on the fifth day and resolve within the first two weeks.

However, if these symptoms last for more than 2 weeks, seem severe, or cause you to be unable to take care of yourself or the baby, postpartum depression may be present. Depression can become very serious and may require counseling and medical treatment.  Talk with family and friends about how you are feeling and call us with any concerns.
If you, or someone you know, show any of these signs after childbirth, it is time to call us for help.  We can help you get the support, counseling, or medication you need to overcome your feelings of postpartum depression.
There are also hotlines and support groups for women with postpartum depression.