How Your Lifestyle Could Be Impacting Your Fertility

The frustrating and sad effects of a couple who has been attempting to start a family is hard to describe. One moment they want to give up, and the next minute they cheer each other on to try again. Discovering the root cause of infertility is exhausting. Maybe it’s time to look at how your lifestyle could be impacting your fertility.

Male, Female, or a Combination of Both

Woman discouraged by negative pregnancy test.

Part of the mystery of infertility is discovering if it is due to a female issue, a male issue, or both. This takes time and the process is daunting. As you and your partner go through the struggle to find the solution, there could be other things to consider. What you eat, how well you sleep, where you live, your nutrition and weight, exercise, physical and psychological stress, substance and drug abuse, and environmental and occupational exposure are all factors.

That’s a lot, so we will break it down to mainly lifestyle issues, and suggest the changes you both could make to increase your chances to conceive.

Stay Within a Healthy Weight Range

Being overweight or obese has a direct effect on fertility. Being underweight can affect ovulation too. Eating healthy foods and doing moderate exercise to maintain that healthy weight is crucial for normal ovulation. 

For men, obesity is linked to lower sperm count and less quality.

Get Your ZZZs

We don’t normally think of sleep as a way to improve fertility, but it’s true. Irregular sleep patterns interfere with hormones which will affect fertility.

Moderate Exercise

Here is a situation where you want to avoid really strenuous exercise. Excessive and vigorous exercise can impede ovulation and reduce progesterone.

At the same time, strenuous physical labor correlates with lower sperm count in men.

Substance Abuse Causes Infertility

Substance abuse including smoking or using tobacco products, marijuana use, plus heavy drinking and using illegal drugs reduces fertility in both men and women, according to the NIH.

Bodybuilding medications in men or androgens can affect sperm formation.

Avoid Exposure to Toxins Whenever Possible

Environmental pollutants and toxins like pesticides, dry cleaning solvents, and lead can affect fertility.

Safe Sex Practices Are Important

If you are planning to have a family in the future, avoid sexually transmitted infections by practicing safe sex. This includes using a condom, limiting your number of partners, and regular testing.

If you are experiencing fertility issues, let us help you find answers.

Contact South Florida Women’s Care at (305) 661-7766 for testing, advice, and consultation in South Miami, FL.

Woman discouraged by negative pregnancy test.

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