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5 Facts about IUDs

Choosing the right form of birth control takes research. There‚Äôs a lot of information out there about condoms, birth control pills, diaphragms and even vaginal rings, but the information on IUDs tends to be a little more scarce. Here are a few facts about intrauterine devices that OBGYNs want you to know: … Continue reading

Birth Control Counseling Miami, FL

The modern world is certainly different from what women had to deal with years ago. Thanks to advances in science and technology, women have a variety of birth control options. These days, you can find choices that guarantee against pregnancy with ratings up to 99.9% if you make use of them properly. … Continue reading

COVID-19 Update

We kindly ask all of our patients coming into our practice to please take into account the following;

If our practice temporarily closes for thorough sanitation or to limit the spread of disease, we will make every attempt to contact you in advance of your planned visit and will call you to reschedule upon our return.

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