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Breast Cancer Prevention Tips

According to, one in eight women will develop invasive breast cancer over their lifetime. While some factors that increase your chance of getting breast cancer are out of your control, such as age and family history, there are some things you can do to decrease your chance of developing invasive breast cancer: … Continue reading

What Are the Risk Factors for Uterine Cancer?

Endometrial cancer develops from abnormal cellular growth in the inner lining of the uterus and accounts for the majority of uterine cancer cases. It is typically diagnosed in women 50 and older. When diagnosed at an early stage before it spreads outside the uterus,Continue reading

How to Treat Morning Sickness in South Florida

Morning sickness is caused by hormones released by a woman’s body during pregnancy. Morning sickness occurs most often during the first trimester of pregnancy. Some women find that nausea and vomiting are worst in the morning, but symptoms can occur at any time of the day or night. … Continue reading

Is a Change in Estrogen Responsible for Post-Menopausal Belly Fat?

Menopause brings about many changes – loss of menstruation, hot flashes, irritability, depression and even belly fat. You can’t control all the symptoms of menopause, but is it possible to avoid gaining belly fat after menopause hits? … Continue reading

COVID-19 Update

Beginning Monday, 4/27, our hours will be Monday-Friday 9AM – 1PM. 

We kindly ask all of our patients coming into our practice to please take into account the following;

If our practice temporarily closes for thorough sanitation or to limit the spread of disease, we will make every attempt to contact you in advance of your planned visit and will call you to reschedule upon our return.

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