What's New at South Florida Women’s Care

Four Essential Medical Exams for Women

As women, we face unique health challenges. In order to maintain long-term health, prevention and early detection of medical conditions

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

While most people are aware that breast cancer is an issue, many still don’t take the necessary steps to detect

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

While ovarian cancer is only the ninth most common cancer in women, it is the leading cause of death for

Breastfeeding Month

During August, organizations around the world spread awareness about breastfeeding and how it can benefit babies in all communities. Across the world, only about

Group B Strep and Pregnancy

In an effort to raise awareness about Group B Streptococcus (GBS), our obstetricians have compiled a list of questions they

National Women’s Health Week

You may be wondering what’s special about May 8-14? This week, we at South Florida Women’s Care encourage women to