Postpartum Care in South Miami, FL

Maintaining Your Health After Child Birth

You will need to return to our office for a postpartum exam six weeks after your baby is born.  During this visit we will discuss your physical and emotional health, family planning and any other concerns you may have. It is very important to keep this appointment, as this is one way of taking care of you!

An early postpartum visit, one to two weeks after your baby is born, will be required if you underwent a cesarean delivery and in certain special circumstances.

If you have concerns before this visit, you may contact the office for assistance.

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After you leave the hospital, please call the office if you experience:
  • Heavy vaginal bleeding– It is normal to have some vaginal bleeding for a few weeks after delivery. But let us know if you are having large blood clots or you have bleeding that requires you to use more than one pad per hour.
  • Fever.  Even thought most of the time slight temperature elevations during the postpartum period are related to breast engorgement, you should report any temperature over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Severe headache, problems with your vision, or swelling in your hands or feet
  • Severe abdominal pain.  Mild cramping during the first postpartum weeks in normal, mostly while you are breastfeeding.  You should call the office if you experience severe abdominal pain that does not get relieved with the medication we prescribed you upon discharge from the hospital.
  • Pain or significant tenderness on your calves.
  • Feel sad or helpless or have thoughts of harming yourself or the baby

COVID-19 Update

We kindly ask all of our patients coming into our practice to please take into account the following;

If our practice temporarily closes for thorough sanitation or to limit the spread of disease, we will make every attempt to contact you in advance of your planned visit and will call you to reschedule upon our return.

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